year to year


Just as the sun rises every morning, and the flowers blossom every spring, there comes a time each year for me to celebrate Christmas with my two best friends - Erin and Sonia.
There's usually a craft or two (this year was bunting), plenty of food, and lots of laughs. My favorite part? The gift exchange, by far. We each put a lot of thought into each other's gifts. And the wrapping? Well, that's another thing on its own.

But to me, it's not about the gifts, or the food, rather, it's about celebrating each other, our friendship, and the memories we share together. And although it's totally cliche, it's true. Party or not, I really enjoy the two girls.

What traditions do you cherish?


  1. i feel so honored to be making a debut on hello, hodgepodge! i love our yearly tradition.

  2. ooh, I love the last picture! it makes me feel all warm and christmas-y inside again :)