women i love // valentines day


though i spent valentine's day single (quite alright with me), i wanted to blog in the spirit of february 14 and all things love (one day late). the past few months have been part of the journey of really discovering who i am and who God created me to be. and to be honest, it's been really fricking awesome. seriously, i love where it's going. but i haven't walked this path alone. since the day i was born, there have been several women who have walked in and out of my life and many have stayed long enough to make their mark on me. i want to take this time to appreciate them. give them the thanks they deserve. because, whether they realize it or not, these women have played a huge part in me becoming who i am today.

you were the first woman in my life and you will be the last to leave my heart. seriously. i don't even know what i would do with out you. i am sososososoooo thankful for all the love and support and patience and love and more love you have provided me with all my life. how many people get a mom like you? God has reallllllly blessed me with you. DON'T YOU DOUBT IT. i can honestly say that i don't know who i would be without you. you've taught me. comforted me. pushed me. pulled me. hugged me. kissed me. and most of all, ALWAYS been there for me. i see so much of you in me. and so much of me in you. the other day one of my friends asked me if i'm best friends with you, because we just seem to get along all the time. and you know what? i guess that's true. you are truly one of my best friends. and i love it. not everyone has a relationship like we do. so thank you for following me, guiding me, and walking next to me on this journey of discovering who i am. as a daughter. woman. and child of God. xoxo

//ashley & jamie
i haven't shared much about you two on this little blog of mine. probably because i'm still processing everything you have given me. offered me. i've only known the two of you a total of five months and can already call you some of my best friends. you have no idea how much of an inspiration you are to me. really. what if i told you i got bangs again because you, ashley, ROCKED them. (i still don't approve of you growing them out. i will never let you forget.) ;) and what if i said i tried liquid eyeliner because you, jamie, are a frickin' beast at lining your eyes with liquid. (i guess the downside of only knowing you five months is that i still can't tell you apart, ESPECIALLY with you growing your bangs out ashley. ashley.) anyways, what i really want to say is that i cannot tell you how generous and caring and amazing the two of you have been to me. you have helped me realize who i want to be and how i'm going to go about being that person. i love your passion for photography. and i guess your photos aren't half bad. ;) and i guess i just secretly love that you never let me buy my coffee. you two will always have a place in my heart. and we are due for another chatchat. just sayin'.
*followers, stay tuned for some more raving about these girlies. i haven't told you nothin' yet.

girl. do you know how much i looked up to you as my babysitter? and how much i look up to you now as my friend? you are a flipping natural with people. you have a seriously stellar smile. and don't even get me started on how inspiring your relationship with God is. did you know that i bought my first 'big black camera' because you had one? you were my idol. i want to be all things natalie. four years later and i now realize that is neither possible, nor necessary. you have shown me that i have so much potential. so much to offer. i can be anything. God created me to be me. not natalie. but there are parts of natalie, you, that i admire. and that i want to be. loving. open. caring. just plain awesome. you are one of the main reasons i am who i am today. and i want to thank you so much for showing interest in me. and my story. and for supporting me. and loving me. and just being natalie. because sometimes natalie is just who i need.

you've made a lot of appearances on this corner of the universe. i'm sure my followers know you almost as well as they know me. but you are just too wonderful to hide away. i love you. you are one of the most amazing girls i have ever met. you are a best friend. a truly beautiful wonderful amazing friend. you know what i love about you? i can always. always. count on you to cheer me up. always. we both have our ups and downs, but i'd rather spend them with you than most anyone else. our adventures are special to me. we get lost. we laugh. we get way too hyper. we laugh. we blast the music. we laugh. every adventure is fun and crazy and absolutely unforgettable. i just can't sum up our friendship in a paragraph. you know how they say if you're around someone long enough, you'll start turning into them. ya. no doubt that's happening. you are literally making me me. thank you for walking beside me on this journey, whether you realized it or not. i love you for it. oh and i haven't seen you in about three weeks. what is this blasphemy?

last but most definitely not least. anne. we have maintained and nurtured and developed a friendship across 1500 miles and 10 years. and every time we talk i laugh. i don't just laugh. i laugh until it seriously hurts. like, really hurts. we have something special. you are golden. you are beautiful. and i love your enthusiasm for life. you just can't keep a smile off your face. i LOVE it. ANNE! i miss you so much! i love you so much! you have the kind of outlook on life that i want. i love your smile and your laugh. they are constantly radiating joy. you have been a part of my life since birth. and because of it, you have helped me to become the person i am today. thank. you. i look forward to our next skype sesh. which reminds me, when will that be? xoxoxoxoxo

there are so many women in my life and these are just a few that have really had an impact on me. i want to thank each an every woman that has walked me through this journey. the journey of me discovering me. it wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for you guys. girls. i love you. and want to thank you. and happy happy (belated) val-day!!

high on life


i've been riding through life on a high lately. an inspiration high, that is. i'm realizing how exciting the future can be. i'm figuring out who i am. and i'm loving every second of it. i'm trying not to let anything get me down. school. money. stress. fagettaboutit. life is about living and adventures and stories. and that's how i intend to live.

all of this inspiration has got me rethinking me. my brand. who i am as not only a photographer, but as an artist. it's people like hannah and andria and promise that have me realizing that i don't have to box myself into one career. i am free to be who i want. when i want. as i want. as a result, i've noticed myself growing. i'm rooted deeper in the word of god. i'm more comfortable with who i am. i keep coming back to 'bold'. i feel bold. i'm drawn to bold. i want to be bold.

so as i begin to figure out just what that means, i leave you with a mix of some songs that make me want to create. inspire. be bold. and i also leave you with some photos i took early september just before the temperatures began to drop. it was a shoot meant to capture life in one of my favorite spots in minneapolis. i plan on doing so many more of these. because seriously it was so much fun.