the sun not quite parallel to the ground.
but just low enough to cast a ray of fiery light from her front step to her back porch.
it painted a column of golden-orange through the house.
and left contrasting shadows where it couldn't reach.
she walked the path,
back and forth,
front step to back porch,
and watched as her shadow followed, then led.

this light was different.
it wasn't like the kind that
danced through the
leaves in the wind.

or the kind that sparked the cicada's song.

no, this light was different.
it was still, and silent.
but its colors screamed

and she did.
and she tried her best to
capture it.
remember it.
savor it.

because she knew
it would only last a moment.

and then it was 7:18

alex anne

happy birthday mom!


It's late. I am literally drowning in homework. And my brain is fried. But I couldn't pass up telling my amazing mom just how, well, amazing she is. I love her. To death. And I honestly don't know what I'd do without her. Thank you for always being there for me, mommy. :)