adieu to month one // day thirty-one


Can you believe it's already the last day of January 2012? Crazy.

How was your month?

double duty // day thirty


This photo is doubling as a 365 photo and a preview. Exciting, right? You'll be seeing a post featuring this item (whatever it may be!) sometime soon.

How's your monday going?

anthropologie // day twenty-nine


Anthropologie. Have you been there? Ok, I know what you're thinking - what, that place where nothing is priced below $120? - well, first of all, that's not true. Sale items can get as low as three bucks! And second of all, it's totally worth it. Every piece is original and stitched with quality material. Oh, and did I mention how extremely adorable the store is? I don't know who could walk into that store and not get a burst of inspiration. Sometimes I walk in, and wish that I could never leave.

Have you ever been to Anthropologie?

on a cold winter's day // day twenty-eight


I spent my afternoon with these two lovers, snapping away while they're still engaged - which won't be long, considering they're getting MARRIED next month! I had so much fun capturing the two - despite the fact that I couldn't feel my fingers or toes. :) I'll be sharing more later.

What did you do today?

mid-winter indulgence // day twenty-seven


As a photographer, my mind is never completely composed. Even without a camera in hand, I am noting the way the sun falls onto a passerby's face. I observe which colors and angles are most flattering to the subject. I watch as families picnic in the park and take note of their genuine expressions.

Photography is engrained into my mind - I love it. I am so thankful for the gifts God has given me. 

What are your talents?

socks & boots // day twenty-six


You will almost never see me without a pair of boots on my feet - and that includes my moccs. But an even rarer sight to see is me without socks peeking out from the top of my boots. The pair is a must - for me, that is.

What is your style?

tickets of gratitude // day twenty-five


I just want to say thank you. You guys leave the sweetest comments. And yesterday, I saw that someone pinned my 365 photo from yesterday onto pinterest - and it made it to the popular page! Seriously, I was siked! I'm really loving where this blog is going, and it is all thanks to my lovely followers!

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!

on the rare occasion that I take a picture of myself // day twenty-four


Hello friends!

I realized, I don't often take so called self-portraits. Just as I don't often let others photograph me. When I die, I swear there'll be no more that fifteen photos of me. Although, I'm sure some would beg to differ. Anywho, today was my first day of semester two. This year is seriously flying by, folks. And it's been amazing. I see myself discovering who I am. And becoming oh-so-much more confident in myself. I love it. I really do.

How is your school-year going? And how many photos will be displayed at your funeral? (More that me?) Sorry, I don't mean to be so grim. I'm just kidding around. Maybe you just don't get my sence of humor - that's possible. Ok. I'm done now.

winter weekend // day 20 - 22


Hello blog friends!

Well, I'm back from a very fun weekend up north. Dusk on Friday (20) was magical - the sunset was brilliant, and although it's not captured, snow fell softly from the sky. My entirety of Saturday (21) was spent with this amazing group - laughing, worshiping God, eating, slipping on ice, and so much more. And all the late nights on my retreat caught up to me on Sunday (22) when I returned - I could hardly keep my eyes open. 'Twas a wonderful weekend.

How did you spend it?

farewell for the weekend // a vlog


Happy Friday, friends!

edit: you can ignore the poor quality and sound. and awkwardness of me. thanks. :)

my elephant is an acrobat // day nineteen


My elephant is an acrobat. Be jealous.

diamond lens // day eighteen


World, meet necklace. Necklace, meet world.

geometry // day seventeen


Sneak peak of a dress I received for christmas!

wild, blue oceans // day sixteen


I spent the entirety of my MLK day studying. At the moment, sailing on a massive vessel over the wild, blue oceans sounds much more compelling than schoolwork. Really, I'd take that over schoolwork any day.

How has your MLK day been?

sunflooded dreams

Sometimes, I get lost in my own thoughts, daydreaming of possibilities and wonders.

I find myself flying over London and treading through the mountainous woods of Montana. The night sky becomes bigger, and brighter, and better than ever was from my front step. I discover I'm capable of walking on water, and soaring over cities.

One moment I'm swimming along clown fish and blue tangs, sea salt nipping at my wounds, then I'm riding the back of an elephant across the desolate African terrains, the setting sun ablaze in the distance. Suddenly, I'm emerged in the vast endlessness of the universe, along side the Big Dipper and Orion.

And then, it's back to reality.And I wish I could stay, lost, in my own wonderland forever.Note - I know I already posted about this dream catcher necklace, but I hit the jackpot the other day, as far as lighting goes - I just had to share these.

jewelry box // day fifteen


I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday, friends!

here we go // day fourteen


Next week is finals week.

This is how much I brought home yesterday to study from.

*Deep breath*

Here we go.

of moleskines and mustache paperclips // day thirteen


I was never a huge fan of Moleskines, that is, until recently, when my fingers glided across the smooth, soft leather, and fine, thin pages for the first time. Now, it never leaves my side. Or my pen.

Oh, and those paperclips? Those are actually mustache paperclips. Yes. They are quite as, or maybe even more, amazing as you can imagine.

Thank you, Erin, for the lovely paperclips. :)

Do you own a Moleskine? Or mustache paperclips?

mustard shorts & wooden hearts // what I wore

glasses: for love 21 // shirt: old navy // sweater: anthro // necklace: for love 21 //
shorts: anthro // tights: sonoma // socks: target // boots: wanted

minolta // day twelve


Just another beauty to add to my collection. (Christmas gift from a friend.)

dream catcher // day ten


I made this dream catcher necklace a few weeks ago. Is is not the cutest thing? Credit goes to this amazing blogger. (Seriously, I could, and should, make every single one of her diys!)

three things // day nine


Currently, I've been spending too much time with my nerd glasses, my Canon SLR, and this Teen Vogue article on Elle Fanning (my favorite actress of all time).

What are your obsessions of the late?

longer days ahead

I'm sitting in a beam of light as the sun slowly disappears behind the horizon, leaving me with only minutes to do any last minute daylight dependent activities. When the days were growing shorter, I found myself more appreciative of the soft, warm rays of light and its limited presence over my little house. In the mornings, I'd leave for school even before a glimmer of light peeked over the horizon. By the time I'd return home, the sun was already beginning to set.

But now, the days are getting longer. I can already see the warm summer nights near the bonfire, stars in the sky. Sure it's a ways away, but with Christmas already out the door, I can't help it - I'm done with winter. I guess I'm just a water-splashing, bike-riding, ice cream-eating, rainstorm-watching -- summer loving girl.

Besides, I like my sunlight.

Some photos of the late:

My new blog book

These haven't left my feet since Christmas day

How are you enjoying these longer days?

sticky notes // day eight


Well folks, this is it. Only a few hours remain of my holiday break. I'd like to say I'm ready to return. But, in reality, I'm not.

However, I can't control that.
So, farewell sweet break.

How was yours?

sarah's key // day seven


If I were to live up to this:


I'd have books piled higher than my head.

And I'd like to say I have the time to read that many - but I don't. So for now, I'll just start with one.

What are you reading?

clothesline // day six


I hope you had a wonderful first week of the year! 

kaleidoscope of a lens // day five


I've made it a goal to develop all four rolls of film I specifically bought for this beaut. Which means, it no longer sits on my desk, next to my two mason jars and thrifted photograph of a Chinese temple, but in my camera bag, where two other lenses and my DSLR hug it closely. Welcome to the family, Canon QL.

blog book // day four


As soon as I launched Hello, Hodgepodge, I began to drown in my own ideas for this blog. It was like I broke open the dam and, whoosh, it just exploded. Ideas everywhere. Which is why this little pocket-sized notebook has been such a life saver.

My blog book. I've never had one before. But I like the concept of it, because I am a much better writer with a pen than a keyboard.

You can expect some pretty darn good posts in the near future.

i've got new york in my pocket // day three


You may or may not have know that I am completely and utterly in love with the city. Any city really. But when I say the city, I mean New York. 

My someday home. My soul mate. Love of my life. Beautiful, amazing New York. 

For the moment, this popup book provides me with all the sensations of actually being there. It's as close as I can get.

I'll come someday. But until then, New York, you can continue on as the city that never sleeps. As will be my heart.

year to year

Just as the sun rises every morning, and the flowers blossom every spring, there comes a time each year for me to celebrate Christmas with my two best friends - Erin and Sonia.
There's usually a craft or two (this year was bunting), plenty of food, and lots of laughs. My favorite part? The gift exchange, by far. We each put a lot of thought into each other's gifts. And the wrapping? Well, that's another thing on its own.

But to me, it's not about the gifts, or the food, rather, it's about celebrating each other, our friendship, and the memories we share together. And although it's totally cliche, it's true. Party or not, I really enjoy the two girls.

What traditions do you cherish?

nerd at heart // day two


I scored on several items at the mall today. My favorite? Definitely these nerdy glasses - a bargain find at for love 21 for $3.80, might I add. 
What's your favorite accessory?

bargain godsends

I'm kind of obsessing over my new finds.

Especially my nerd glasses.
glasses: for love 21 // striped shirt: old navy // moleskines: b&n // geometry necklace: for love 21 //
flecked shirt: old navy // heart necklace: for love 21 // bowl: ikea