first entry


Rather than concaucting some extraordinary first post that would essentially start this blog off with a bang, let me tell you a little about myself. Because, really, I have nothing else.

I am Alexa Anne. An aspiring photographer and writer. I dream, I think, I wonder. Easily inspired, I spend too much time on pinterest. My style? Somewhere between eclectic, bohemian, and indie, with a touch of vintage. I enjoy rainy days spent by the warmth of a fire in a nearby coffee shop. Give me my camera and my moleskine and I'm set for the day. Jesus is my savior, my hero, my love. I'm an introvert all the way. I wish I could draw. My heart belongs in the city. I believe the quietest people have the loudest minds. Psalms 27:1. I am fascinated by the human brain, the heavens, and Ancient Rome. I know I'm not perfect. I struggle with that. One younger brother. I love to create. I adore elephants. I hope to one day live in New York. I am Alexa Anne - a young woman discovering her place in this world.

I started this blog as a way to document my life, whilst at the same time, sharing it with others. I had an old blog, Charming Elephant, but wasn't especially attached. I wanted a fresh start, and after a few months of pondering the idea, I decided on hello, hodgepodge. I have a few things planned for this blog, such as a 365 project, What I Wore, and maybe a few diys.

So, with the turning of the new year, I present hello, hodgepodge!


  1. yay! i am so excited for this! you are so lovely and i know hello, hodgepodge will be too.

  2. so excited! this is gonna be great :)

  3. Awesome!!!! :)
    I'mma lovin' the new blog girl!