claire and adam // senior portraits


A couple weeks ago, I shot my first (ever) senior portraits. I was nervous. But also full of ideas. I couldn't wait to see what I would create. I knew that my photos had so much potential, and I was going to work as hard as I could to make them me

I had forgotten how long it'd been since I'd last directed a shoot. But it didn't feel foreign. Or awkward. I felt like I had been shooting my entire life. I was in the zone. And I didn't want it to end. As I flipped through the photos later that night, I fell deeper in love with photography. With the light. With the colors. 

To me, these photos really helped me discover who I am as a photographer. Who I want to become. I am proud of these photos. But not in the mine are sooo much better that yours way. I am proud to say that I took these. And that these photos are me. And that I am finally discovering who I am as a photographer. 

So with that, I present, Claire and Adam. Brother and sister. Twins, if you will. Claire is chair of the Relay For Life commitee. And Adam has a large array of playbills. Both are equally wonderful. Both, seniors.

An update // with a vlog


I know I've been posting sooo many videos around here lately, and I apologize. But I figure it's a whole lot better than a page of non-stop rambling with no pictures. Because my computer is dumb and has ZEERO space left and everything is just complicated. Sigh... With that, I present me, after softball practice:

I apologize about the terrible quality. One: this was filmed on a webcam. And two: I didn't have the time to upload it to vimeo. So this is what I have for you. Oh, and is it just my computer, or is the wording COMPLETELY off? I don't know. This is the lamest post. Ok, that is all.

a note


I know I haven't posted in forever. And I am so very sorry. It's not that I'm running low on inspiration. In fact, that's one thing I have more than enough of right now. It's just that my computer has been running low on space lately (like, less than 2gb of space left) and having 25,000+ photos on it doesn't help. So I've been working on backing them up. Except that it's not that simple and I'm quite terrified that I've lost half my library. And it's just been extremely stressful. (Prayers would be much appreciated!)

So I just wanted to say that, yes, I do in fact have a new design! I'm so happy to finally have it up, as it has been a month and a half of mind-boggling html and css coding and rebranding and craziness. But it's finally here. And I can finally check it off my list. So take a look around, and let me know what you think!

I don't have much for ya here today. But I'd like to get a real post up soon, as long as the backing-up process ends well (and soon!). However school starts soon and that won't help. So hang in there, don't leave me quite yet! Y'all are such amazing followers and I couldn't bear to lose you!

alex anne

p.s. I forgot to mention that my real name is Alex, and I will be going by that name from now on. I used 'Alexa' as a screen name to protect my privacy, but I decided that dropping the 'a' works just as well. I know it might be awkward for you, as most of you have grown to know my face as 'Alexa', so if you wish to still call me that, feel free! I'm not going to stop you! I just thought I would let you know before you went off thinking some creep secretly replaced me. ;)

p.p.s If you are interested in sponsoring/swap-sponsoring this blog, please email me!