An update // with a vlog


I know I've been posting sooo many videos around here lately, and I apologize. But I figure it's a whole lot better than a page of non-stop rambling with no pictures. Because my computer is dumb and has ZEERO space left and everything is just complicated. Sigh... With that, I present me, after softball practice:

I apologize about the terrible quality. One: this was filmed on a webcam. And two: I didn't have the time to upload it to vimeo. So this is what I have for you. Oh, and is it just my computer, or is the wording COMPLETELY off? I don't know. This is the lamest post. Ok, that is all.


  1. hah. I love this!
    I use iPhoto for storing my photos. I think it works really well for keeping everything separated into events and days. But since I have such a small computer (rocking a tiny macbook air), I definitely do NOT have enough space on my computer for all my photos. I only have enough room for about a month's worth. I have a really big external hard drive that I copy my iphoto library to every month and then delete it off my computer. so I just have an iphoto library for each month stored on my external hard drive. That's how i do it anyway. :)

    also: Depending on your editing style, you should check out aperture. It's basically the professional version of the iphoto editing (i LOVE having the curves available to work with!) It's definitely not for everyone, but I love it because I like to keep my photo as close to the original as possible (generally the same tones and colors and such), but I know different people like other editing styles. So you could just check it out and see what you think. It's definitely something that works well for me!

    have a fab day. sorry for the long comment. xo.

  2. you are still adorable! ;) I hope you get more space soon; wish I could help with that but... I have no clue.

  3. YAY LIGHTROOM 4 is the way to go!! I love it so much :) best investment

  4. alex. you are so freaking adorable. that big ol' bug-eyed grin at the end? hahahah! you're just cute. that's all.

    yes, the visual/audio was not really in step with each other, but oh well. at least we got to hear your sweet voice. ;]


  5. Awww, I loved this!! You should get an external hard drive! I would definitely be out of space if I didn't have one! They're the best. :) Love your blog! So glad I found it!