sarah // minneapolis senior photographer


sarah is a sweetheart. all i have to do is tell her to look at me and suddenly she's breaking out that wonderful smile of hers. seriously. could my job get any easier?

iphone frames


today i set the camera down and instead documented my day through my mother's iphone. (anyone that knows me knows that i absolutely loathe my android.) the best part about iphone photography is that i'm not spending five minutes perfecting my settings and sharpening my focus. with an iphone, i can just create and shoot. it's refreshing, really. and then add a little vscocam and BAM. magic happens. 

three things.


one. i met up with hannah yesterday. and this happened.

two. explored some new editing on this frame.

three. i seriouslycannotwaitonemoresecond to share the rest of these.