all caught up // day 50 - 54


day 50 - it snowed!

day 51 - my city skyline pillow case. swoon

day 52 - old swedish bibles
day 54 - the view from my living room

So here's the deal folks. Life is busy - bust seriously, when isn't it? And although I really enjoy taking 15 minutes out of my day to share a little of me with you, I just don't have the time. Which is why I've decided to do a weekly post of my 365 photos - and I'll trytrytry to have them posted regularly each Friday. What do you say?

By the way, you didn't happen to notice the missing day 53 - did you? I completely freaked out this morning when I realized that I hadn't even touched my camera yesterday! Oh, dear. Instead, I was sick in bed. Knocked out by four p.m. ... Well, the show must go on, yes?

i guest posted


Hey guys!

I guest posted over here today! Go check it out!

gee, I forgot // day 46 - 49


You may or may not have noticed my absence of the last few days. That's ok, because frankly, I didn't. In fact, I almost completely forgot about my 365 project. (Shame on me.) So, that's why my photos are so... eh. Any who, I am back! I spent the entire day writing and creating posts for you guys. You'll be seeing them over the course of the next couple of weeks. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

day of love // day 45


I love y'all - seriously, you guys are the best. Thank you for all the love you've given me. :)

this weekend // day 42 and 43


Day 42. I spent my saturday night celebrating a good friend's special birthday in a limo. So much fun.

Day 43. AKA today. Yes, there is nothing better than a messy room. Sigh. Who has the time?

bow tie // what i wore

dress: anthro // cardigan: anthro // leggings: target // heels: target // glasses: for love 21

linkshänder // day forty-one


I named my art journal today. Meet Linkshänder - a german word for left-handed. As a left-hander, I find deep significance in the word, and as I often associate creativity, intelligence, uniqueness, and strength with it, this seemed an appropriate choice for my journal. 

Are you left-handed?

door knob // day forty


Just trying to get through the week. I have some exciting plans this weekend and they couldn't come slow enough. Hope you're having a wonderful week!

leopard jackets + red pants // day thirty-nine


This is my favorite photo of me. I don't really know why. I guess I just enjoy the simplicity and realistic nature of it.

Besides, I'm really rockin' the leopard jacket with the red pants.

Note: I'd really love to get some feedback from y'all - well, besides the wonderful comments, that is. :) Anything specific you'd like me to post about? More vlogs? A room tour or hair tutorial? More fashion? I would love to know! Also, feel free to start asking me questions - I'd like to build up a faq page. Comment below or email me (click 'contact' on the sidebar). Thank you SO much for being such amazing followers - y'all are amazing. :)

visual journal

I have been exceptionally inspired lately, what with all these lovely blogs on the world wide web (i.e. fernwehpastor's girl's ponderingsa beautiful mess). It seems like these art journals are in at the moment, and I thought I'd give one a try. 

Currently I've only filled two pages - the first with a blackout poem and the second with one of my favorite quotes - but I can't wait to see what comes out of this.

you're in the mood // day thirty-eight


This is what I wore today.
Just a preview. Of a post coming soon.

blue skies and sunshine // day thirty-seven


The sun peeked out for the first time in days today. I've never been so happy to see the blue sky. It's one of those things that you don't realize you have until it's gone. Now, I just can't stop looking at it.

six-two-and-a-half // day thirty-six


For those of you who think I'm tall enough at 5'10", the fact that I purchased these 4 1/2" heels yesterday may not please you. But that's your problem. :)

the looks // day thirty-five


This camera is too photogenic. I just can't get enough.

in the dead of winter

With winter comes freezing temperatures, dry skin, and slippery sidewalks. These are usually excuses for my burrowing under my covers, inside, far from the cold. I just don't get outdoors enough to notice winter's overlooked beauty. 

But today, as I walked the neighbor's dog around the block, little things - such as the golden bushes, and patches of white snow atop - were brought to my attention. I was captivated. Summer is a glorious season full of vibrant, bold colors - one reason I love it so - but winter brings beauty to the dead and dormant with its pale golden & brown pallets. 

And as I hurried to capture winter in its magnificence before the sun left to the other side of the world, I realized how much I love photographing life as it is - people or still life or nature - all of it. It's all a part of who I am, and where I live in this ever-so-majestic world. 

Beauty is everywhere, even in the dead of winter.

the golden hour // day thirty-four


Right now, I just wish the sun wouldn't set.
I wish it would stay right there.
Because it is radiating the most beautiful light.
And I could capture so many photos.
But there's just not enough time.

I guess that's why they call it the golden hour.

know it? // day thirty-three


Life As We Knew It. Know it? This book is well loved - passed between the hands of several friends and family members. I myself have read this at least three times. Seriously people. I highly suggest this - especially if you are one who enjoyed I Am Number Four or The Hunger Games. Check out the synopsis here.

Have you ever read it?

i didn't even shiver // day thirty-two


vest: mom (thrifted) // shirt: mom (thrifted) // tank: forever 21 // jeggings: wet seal // necklace: great grandmother
The start of a new month and warmer temperatures have me going sleeveless. Yes, I dared.