leopard jackets + red pants // day thirty-nine


This is my favorite photo of me. I don't really know why. I guess I just enjoy the simplicity and realistic nature of it.

Besides, I'm really rockin' the leopard jacket with the red pants.

Note: I'd really love to get some feedback from y'all - well, besides the wonderful comments, that is. :) Anything specific you'd like me to post about? More vlogs? A room tour or hair tutorial? More fashion? I would love to know! Also, feel free to start asking me questions - I'd like to build up a faq page. Comment below or email me (click 'contact' on the sidebar). Thank you SO much for being such amazing followers - y'all are amazing. :)


  1. I don't know if I already asked you, but what camera do you use? {I'm saving up for one.} What are some of your favorite blogs? What ispires you the most?

    I love reading genuine posts. Posts about your real, everyday life. Is that weird? That's just what I like reading.

    1. I use a Canon EOS Rebel XS - but looking into purchasing a T3i soon!

  2. aww, you had a fantastic sense of style :)
    I love seeing your 365 photos, obviously, but room tours are always interesting :)
    and here's a question... why did you decide to start a 365?

  3. this photo is classic you! more vlogs please. (: and a room tour would be fun too.

  4. you probably like the photo because it has a flock of ducks in the background...that is just plain cool. ;D

    I'd love to see posts on your photography; workflow, favorite advice, that sorta thing. :) your posts are delightful, so I'm looking forward to whatever you think up!

  5. I love this photo too. :) You wore that coat for almost three winters - we bought it a little big and wore it to death! I loved it!