I've moved!


Well friends, this is my last post on this corner of the universe! (Bittersweet.) I've been working on a new website and blog for my photography and today is the day I share it with the world. I will be shutting down this blog in one month, so take one last look around, and then head over to alexannephotos.com!!! If that isn't enough incentive to get you over there, rumor has it I'm also hosting a giveaway!

Thank you for all of your support over the last two years - hope to see more of you at my new webhome. :)

Alex Anne



I have but one frame for you today. Quite possibly the last one that I'll post on this corner of the universe. Because something big is happening. Anywho, here you are.

chalkboard // an editorial shoot.


I know I just posted a preview of another shoot (and I promise I'll post the rest eventually), but I just had to share this one from today. I painted my wall with chalkboard paint over break so now there's a giant black canvas in my room and it's total bliss. And since the day I painted it, I've been dying to do a shoot with it. So today my good friend Casey came over and we shot the heck outta that wall. Here are some pixels to prove it.


it's been eternity and a day since i last posted on this corner of the internet. but i've been doing some pretty exciting things. redefining my brand, figuring out where i want to go with my photography, and shootingshootingshooting!

a couple of weeks ago i began planning a styled shoot and today i present you with a small teaser. this is seriously some of my best work and a peak into the kind of photography i want to be doing more of. i am so excited to show you more!

hannah // minneapolis portrait photographer


hannah. oh boy. where do i start? well, okay, so i met her in 4th grade. she went to my church. she left after 5th. i guess i was never really friends with her, but i definitely knew her. fast forward a few years and i discover she has a blog. so i follow it. this inspires me to start one of my own. okay so this blogging thing is fun. ladeedah. more years pass. now she's into photography. whoa. so am i. more years more years and bam we hit today. she's a professional wedding photographer and i'm on my way. guys. this girl inspires me. her love for God. for family. for relationships. for photography. all of it.

that's why when we were able to meet up a few weeks ago i got really excited. our time was short. and limited to the space of the back room of a coffee shop. but it was amazing to watch her create. we took turns pointing the camera at each other. catching up on the last six years we've spent apart. she struck me as a little quiet, crazy compassionate, and every bit intentional with what she was creating.

i walked away excited to edit. and even more excited to see what hannah had created in the last hour. texting each other back and forth: POST MORE PREVIEWS GIRL. a few days later, i received the whole batch of photos. ohmygoodness this girl can photograph. cannot wait for her to post them. seriously dying over them. for realz.

and this is what i created. some of my best work, if i do say so myself. :) enjoy.

i'll leave you with this.


i have exactly t minus 18 hours until i leave for my flight to idaho tomorrow. this means crazy last minute packing (actually, i still have yet to pack), cleaning, banking, editing, blogging, and basically every other thing you can possibly think of. oh, and catching up on smash. my newest addiction.

i thought i'd leave you with a few peaks into what will grace the blog over the next few weeks. i've been crazy busy with senior sessions this summer and it's been awesome. seriously so blessed to work with the people i have.

k, so here you go.

oh, and onemorething. i'll be posting tons of pictures throughout my trip over here, so give it a lookie. :)

p.s. i appologize for the lowered quality of these photos. can't seem to find the right ppi for exporting to the web! what do you fellow bloggers do? thanks :))))

simone // minneapolis senior photographer


this is simone. senior. and future broadway star. she'll be that bride who trashes her dress at the end of her wedding (um, yes. can i photograph please?). doppelgänger = samantha barks from les mis. it's people like these that make my job easy. a natural in front of the camera and stunning all the same. enjoy.