i'll leave you with this.


i have exactly t minus 18 hours until i leave for my flight to idaho tomorrow. this means crazy last minute packing (actually, i still have yet to pack), cleaning, banking, editing, blogging, and basically every other thing you can possibly think of. oh, and catching up on smash. my newest addiction.

i thought i'd leave you with a few peaks into what will grace the blog over the next few weeks. i've been crazy busy with senior sessions this summer and it's been awesome. seriously so blessed to work with the people i have.

k, so here you go.

oh, and onemorething. i'll be posting tons of pictures throughout my trip over here, so give it a lookie. :)

p.s. i appologize for the lowered quality of these photos. can't seem to find the right ppi for exporting to the web! what do you fellow bloggers do? thanks :))))


  1. Replies
    1. the tv show, 'Smash'. it's crazy good. :)

  2. A fellow Smash fanatic -- YEES + these are the bombbb.

  3. so good! i especially LOVE the colors and everything in that last photo. xo :)

  4. your senior shoots are amazing. your photography is very inspiring!

    lindsey louise


  5. Absolutely stunning stuff, really. :)