longer days ahead


I'm sitting in a beam of light as the sun slowly disappears behind the horizon, leaving me with only minutes to do any last minute daylight dependent activities. When the days were growing shorter, I found myself more appreciative of the soft, warm rays of light and its limited presence over my little house. In the mornings, I'd leave for school even before a glimmer of light peeked over the horizon. By the time I'd return home, the sun was already beginning to set.

But now, the days are getting longer. I can already see the warm summer nights near the bonfire, stars in the sky. Sure it's a ways away, but with Christmas already out the door, I can't help it - I'm done with winter. I guess I'm just a water-splashing, bike-riding, ice cream-eating, rainstorm-watching -- summer loving girl.

Besides, I like my sunlight.

Some photos of the late:

My new blog book

These haven't left my feet since Christmas day

How are you enjoying these longer days?

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