of moleskines and mustache paperclips // day thirteen


I was never a huge fan of Moleskines, that is, until recently, when my fingers glided across the smooth, soft leather, and fine, thin pages for the first time. Now, it never leaves my side. Or my pen.

Oh, and those paperclips? Those are actually mustache paperclips. Yes. They are quite as, or maybe even more, amazing as you can imagine.

Thank you, Erin, for the lovely paperclips. :)

Do you own a Moleskine? Or mustache paperclips?


  1. my Moleskine has been my trusty confidant for the past couple of years now. love & love. that's what i have that little leathery friend of mine. and the paperclips. what's the female equivalent to a mustache? ....just been wondering that lately. - n

  2. yay the mustache clips! i'm so glad you like them!