comfort of a storm


It's raining. Thunder rolls in the distance. The air is cool and lightning strikes on the horizon. It's every characteristic of a storm, though it doesn't quite feel like one. Maybe it's the way the birds gossip in the canopy of branches far above me. Or the way the clouds are so lightly grayed that I can almost see the blue sky behind them.

The rain falls harder now. And the thunder grows from a low rumble to a fierce roar. The bird's songs  are muffled, as they hurry to the shelter of a drier place.

Storms have never frightened me. In a way, I have felt almost comforted. Embraced in the certainty of my own safety. And befuddled by the melancholy beauty of the wet terrain.


  1. This line: "Maybe it's the way the birds gossip in the canopy of branches far above me." - absolutely beautiful.
    And lovelovelove both these photos, dear! So ethereal.

  2. we had a thunder storm last night. it was just beautiful. and so is this, Alexa. honestly. just lovely

  3. i absolutely love storms. I've always found them comforting.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. i *love* thunderstorms. they're crazy beautiful.
    i adore that last photo -- so simple, yet so breathtaking! love it :)

  5. your words are so beautiful. and your pictures make me feel nostalgic. and I like your blog.

    just so you know.

  6. I love those two photos!! Thunder storms are my favorite,, but we haven't had any lately :(:(

  7. Lovely post! I am not particularly fond of storms; I like the sunshine :)