farewell, summer // a guest post


Such sad words. My summer vacation-- you know, the free, sunshiney, no-plans part of it-- is very nearly finished. If someone had peeked through the window of my summer, they would have seen

a crazy girl running barefoot and catching fireflies/a large stack of books, heavy on the Austen and Dickens/chasing the sun/long "things I want to do today" lists/singing, lots and lots of singing/gooey ice cream sandwiches/my book, completed/the Dominican Republic/blissful dancing/thrift shopping like no tomorrow/yummy mexican food/crazy-awesomeair shows/ messy, imperfect scrapbooking/glow sticks/farmer's markets/poetry/neon nails/iced coffee/a girl in a messy bun poring over the Old Testament/driving lessons/blogging experiments and designs/long letters/volleyball/ multi-colored manicures/sunset photo snapping/hours in family prayer.

Summer of 2012... already fading. This makes me sad, until I realize that autumn of 2012 is quickly. The memories that summer gave me will build and enrich the experiences of the fall-- a hot mug of tea in my hands, the smell of leaves on the wind, an afternoon spent with a good thick book, the wooliness of a scarf against my neck, and the other countless beauties autumn will bring. What did your summer look like?

AnnaKats is an aspiring writer who resides down south in the Peach State, where summers are humid and sweet and Gone with the Wind is a household name. 
Don't take her for a southern girl, though; she's bicoastal, with a serious thing for In-N-Out Burger and western sunsets. 
Raised in a home of Bible studies, prayer, and banana bread, she's a pastor's kid whom God has redeemed through the precious blood of His Son. 
She loves thick books, sushi, close friends, quotes that contain the meaning of life, Oscar Wilde, French braids, long, deep midnight talks, European accents, and travel.  
But most of all, she love her Jesus, who "loves us and gave Himself up for us." (Ephesians 5.2). She blogs exuberantly at Because He Loves Me.


  1. Lovely post! It's true, summer has flown by a bit to fast for my taste....

  2. beautiful words - thanks so much for guest posting!