4 foolproof ways to have a good day // a guest post


1. wake up with a smile.

Did you know that it takes 16x more muscles to frown than smile? Studies also show that people who smile more often tend to be happier people. Plus, it's contagious. So chances are that if you flash those pearly whites, you'll brighten someone else's day as well.

2. do something you've been meaning to do

Procrastination. It gets the best of us. But if you complete the chore or duty you were supposed to do but just... didn't, well I guarantee you'll feel better. And, who doesn't love a little self-accomplishment?

3. spend some time with someone you care about

Go shopping with your BFF. See a movie with your boyfriend. Take a hike with your dad. Whether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, parent, grandparent, sibling, spouse or child- do it. Being with those you adore (and who also adore you!) will help you realize how many amazing, loving people you have in your life.

 4. be yourself

No shows, only you. Au naturale. There's no room for insecurities today-- you are who you are and you're GREAT. Don't try and fit any mold. Don't be afraid to be different. What you see as 'flaws' are what make you unique. The way you look, laugh and smile are what make you an individual. Your fears are what make you human. You are AMAZING. Accepting this is absolute key to your super day. Give a little self lovin'. 

Now this is a plan that works for anyone and everyone. So go try it. If you follow the steps, you really can't fail. I promise. Now go be happy!
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  1. YES. oh gosh i love it.

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  5. Thanks so much guys!I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :)