will someone please give me a massage


I know it's been forever. And I'm not here to make excuses. What started out as a schoolworkoverload break from blogging soon turned into an Idon'twanttoblog break. School has been stressful - more than I've ever experienced. (I swear I have knots the size of Mt. Everest.) But I'm slowly learning how much is too much. And that B's are okay. And that it's okay to take a break once and a while. School is not my life. I won't let it be. So that's why I'm here today. Now.

It might be a while until I post next. But I wanted to check in. Let y'all know I'm still alive. So before you leave, here's a little something to make you smile. I guarantee it will make your day. :)


  1. seriously love this commercial. so much.

  2. yup. this is one of my favorite.
    it makes me smile every time it comes on:)

  3. "School is not my life. I won't let it be." LOVE that. I've had to tell myself something similar again and again these past few months because it has been stressing me out big time. I hope school gets a little more manageable for you and that you aren't so stressed out. Hang in there! :)

    PS, You were right, that commercial really did make my day! :)

  4. I will be reading this post again tomorrow when I'm super stressed out. I needed these words, for sure. :) And I needed that video...it made me smile big time. :)

  5. that video was the sweetest. I love seeing people laugh and smile. :]

    still cannot get over those photos of you by ash & james photography. SO GORGEOUS. you are just seriously photogenic, honey. :]

  6. oh my word. i must have watched that commercial at least ten times. love it SO much.

  7. That's exactly what's been happening to me these past few weeks. So thank you for this post. I really needed it. :)

  8. yo girl! I RELATE to this post!

    your sentiments are shared. that's all. :)

  9. I feel you, I've been feeling SO over-stressed lately. Monday night I was sobbing for like two hours because I thought my computer deleted my lit project that I'd spent 4 hours working on, before I realized I just moved it to a different folder.
    Hope things slow down a bit for you :)
    And that commercial literally is the best.