photo cred to ash & james photography

I am Alex Anne. 

An aspiring photographer and writer. 
I dream, I think, I wonder. 
Easily inspired, I spend too much time on pinterest
My style? Somewhere between eclectic, bohemian, and indie, with a touch of vintage.
I enjoy rainy days spent by the warmth of a fire in a nearby coffee shop. 
Give me my camera and my moleskine and I'm set for the day. 
Jesus is my savior, my hero, my love. 
I'm an introvert all the way. 
I wish I could draw. 
My heart belongs in the city. 
I believe the quietest people have the loudest minds. 
Psalms 27:1. 
I am fascinated by the human brain, the heavens, and Ancient Rome. 
I know I'm not perfect. I struggle with that. 
One younger brother. 
I love to create. 
I adore elephants. 
I hope to one day live in New York. 

I am Alex Anne - a young woman discovering her place in this world. 
Welcome to my blog!


  1. You're so awesome sounding! It's great to meet you dear! <3

  2. haha i spend way too much time on pinterest too. oh and my style is pretty much identical to yours. :)
    yep! just give me a camera, moleskine, and a cup of coffee and we're good. :)

  3. I spend waaaay too much time on pinterest too, so you're good. ;]

    hahaha. you're so cute, dear.


  4. Psalm 27:1...when I saw that I was like "what. Her favorite verse is Psalm 27:1 TOOOO?!!" That...is awesome. Hey, new friend!!

  5. Nice to meet chya! :)

    I will definitely be reading more, I love your blog!